Introducing a standout project completed in 2022. This custom-built home is not just spacious, with its 3,984 sq ft of living space and large 3-car garage, but it’s also packed with features that make living here a dream. It's got incredible views of the Peaks and a big, comfy covered deck for relaxing outdoors. We've built this home to be energy-smart with in-floor heating, spray foam insulation, and a big photovoltaic system—it makes as much energy as it uses! Inside, you’ll find a big, bright Great Room with huge windows, a top-notch kitchen with upgraded granite counters and high-end appliances, and an extra room with an awesome theater setup. It’s comfy, it’s classy, and it’s smart—showing our commitment to building great homes that people love. When the homeowners embarked on their journey to build this home, they had a clear vision in mind—despite the challenges that lay ahead. The discovery of solid rock beneath the surface presented initial excavation hurdles, but they were determined to secure that breathtaking view of the Peaks. Additionally, pandemic-induced material scarcities and surging prices, coupled with labor shortages, threatened to derail the project. The clients envisioned a space that wasn't just a house but a sustainable, comfortable, and magnificent home. Through perseverance and collaboration with our dedicated team, their dream home became a reality.