What You Should Know About Our Team

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We're Honest

We are open, honest, and realistic about construction timelines, challenges, and pricing. You can depend on receiving the truth from us as we do not desire the easy path but the right one. High Caliber will work hard to demonstrate competence and prove ourselves to be trustworthy.

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We communicate Daily

We utilize a construction management software that is updated in real time as new information comes in. Our clients have an online portal into the daily life of their project and access to a scheduling calendar, photos, documentation, and current challenges all along the way. In addition to this digital feature, our management staff is available to answer questions and lend seasoned, expert insight regarding the ins and outs of every custom project.

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We Offer Fixed Price Contracts

High Caliber works hard to ensure that our clients know what they are signing up for. This can be difficult to do given wildly fluctuating costs of building materials, fuel, and skilled labor. We take care not to be a change order contractor, however we are happy to accommodate our clients should they wish to add, change, or remove contractual details from their project during construction.

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We Value Our Relationships

We desire quality relationships with our clients and rely on open communication, mutual trust, and a shared objective to navigate all of the routine obstacles associated with custom home design and construction. Should unforeseen challenges arise, we work hard to overcome them as smoothly as possible and depend on our clients trust and understanding.

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We’re Committed To Service

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” – Niels Bohr
We are humble construction experts whose primary intent is to serve and guide you through the design, permitting, and construction of your custom home.

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We’re Solution Focused

Our construction management staff has over 120 years of construction experience. Our team loves cutting edge products, new construction methods, and crazy ideas and are also well versed in a large variety of tried-and-true construction methods. We know what works, what doesn’t, and won’t shy away from any opportunity or challenge to help you get what you want.

Our Construction Process

High Caliber Construction exists to serve all whom we work with, by communicating effectively and providing high-quality construction. We partner with clients that know what their goal is and are looking for an expert service to help them figure out exactly what that looks like and how they will get it. We want quality relationships and lasting, community ties. We’re looking for clients who want to foster a valuable relationship with our team and who are seeking an honest, passionate builder.

Kyle Speaking to Client

Initial Phone Call

Our objective is to let you know who we are and what you can expect should you hire High Caliber as your custom builder. During an initial call, we want to get a feel for your project type, what stage your project is in, your hopeful budget range, and assess whether we are the best fit to meet your needs.

High Caliber Team During Preconstruction Process

Preconstruction / Design

High Caliber offers seasoned design consultation and drafting staff to produce construction documents and secure permitting for your custom project. A preconstruction contract with us will get you from concept to an approved construction permit so that you are ready to build your home. Design, drafting, material selections, and permitting are all handled neatly in house to cut down on the preconstruction timeline and manage project specific data from start to finish.

Construction Working Building New Home


Once the project is permitted we will have a meeting to discuss the project calendar, order of operations, and keep you informed of next steps. Our project management and supervisory staff does this day in and out and is eager to get started, building your home.